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Is it possible to have a BCS College Football Playoff System that ...

  • Almost always guarantees playoff berths to the Top 8 BCS teams 

  • Maintains and enhances the importance and relevance of the current BCS Bowls, BCS scoring and ranking, and current Conference Championships

  • Encourages  all conferences -- small and large -- to improve overall level of play and rewards the six strongest conferences for doing so

  • Encourages bowl host cities to promote their games and offer the most generous payouts to host a Tier 1 or Tier 2 BCS Playoff game

  • Does not extend the total # of games played for BCS Playoff teams beyond the # they currently play

  • Allows all bowl games that are not a part of the BCS Playoff System to continue to exist and provide participating teams with a chance to end their season as bowl champions


In one word ... YES.


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Communications Director
Andrew Schoppe

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